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New Free Ebook — Florida Real Estate Sales Contracts — A Collection of Forms for Lawyers
James W. Martin, P.A.

My NEW FREE ebook “Florida Real Estate Sales Contracts: A Collection of Forms for Lawyers” is now available on my website.  It is also available as a free ebook on Apple Books (Mac, iPhone, iPad), Google Books, Google Play Books (Android), Barnes and Noble Nook, and Amazon Kindle and as a $12 paperback on Amazon…

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Real Estate Title vs. Motor Vehicle Title: What’s the Difference?
James W. Martin

So, what’s the difference between the legal title to real estate and the legal title to a motor vehicle? It’s simply this: motor vehicles have title certificates, but real estate does not. A good way to see the difference is to consider the legal documents needed when changing the title. If you have a car…

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Does A Florida Mortgage Become Unenforceable 2 Years After Death?
James W. Martin

The mortgage follows the note. So, if the note becomes unenforceable, does the mortgage become unenforceable? The Florida Probate Code provides a 2-year statute of limitations on creditor claims, in addition to the 3-month statute of limitations on claims by reasonably ascertainable creditors. If a lender fails to file a claim within 2 years after…

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