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Florida Court Says $2 Million Claim For Elderly Exploitation and Theft Lacks Sufficient Priority In Probate Court
James W. Martin, P.A.

Florida probate lawyers know that when a Florida resident dies owing people money those people need to file claims against the decedent’s estate in a Florida probate court proceeding. The same applies when the decedent dies in an auto accident: anyone claiming that the decedent caused injuries must file a claim in the probate proceeding.…

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What Is A Creditor Of A Florida Estate?
James W. Martin

The Florida Probate Code generally requires that creditors file claims with the probate court within just three months after notice to creditors is published by the personal representative of the decedent’s estate. If the claim is not properly filed on time, then the personal representative is generally not required to pay the creditor. Of course,…

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