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Surveys: Who Needs Them, Anyway?
James W. Martin

Everyone who deals with real estate in Florida needs a survey. Whether buying, selling, leasing, constructing, lending, or just plain owning real estate, you need a survey. Here’s why: Buyer: You’re buying real estate in Florida and the broker says you don’t need a survey unless the lender requires it. Is that true? Probably not.…

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When Is A Gate Allowed On A Driveway Easement In Florida?
James W. Martin

Suppose you own a piece of land. Suppose your only access to it is a driveway easement across your neighbor’s land. Suppose the easement says you get “free and unencumbered access” to use the driveway. Now suppose your neighbor puts an unlocked gate across it. Most people would think that violates the easement. But not…

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