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Does the Florida Real Estate Seller Need a Lawyer?
James W. Martin

Whether selling a home or an office building, the seller of Florida real estate needs a lawyer. Why? Because the seller has two goals: get paid and avoid litigation. The lawyer’s job is to help the seller get paid by preparing and negotiating the listing and sale contracts, helping the seller through the due diligence…

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Does the Florida Real Estate Buyer Need a Lawyer?
James W. Martin

When buying real estate in Florida, the buyer needs a lawyer. Why? Because real estate is complicated. There are many pitfalls. And there is usually no one else to watch out for the buyer’s legal interest. Brokers and closing agents usually aren’t lawyers. They are usually transaction agents who don’t represent either side. Only lawyers represent one side…

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When Is A Car Not An Asset But A Liability?
James W. Martin

Putting your name on the title to a car, truck or other motor vehicle in Florida makes you personally liable for the negligence of the driver. The dangerous instrumentality doctrine extends liability of the driver to become personal liability of every owner of the vehicle. This should give pause to parents before putting their names…

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