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An Inconveniently Convenient Joint Bank Account
James W. Martin, P.A.

As Florida lawyers, we tend to think that what’s in writing counts more than what’s said. It does, but what’s in writing doesn’t always control. Larkins v. Mendez is a case in point.  Sometimes a Florida resident adds a child to their bank account, which raises the question whether doing so is intended to be…

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When Someone Dies In Florida, Who Decides On Disposition Of The Body?
James W. Martin

Of course, one of the first steps when someone dies in Pinellas County Florida is disposition of the body. This is handled by a licensed funeral home or the Pinellas County Medical Examiner. There is usually no dispute concerning disposition of the body. Usually the decedent’s surviving spouse and children agree upon the arrangements. In…

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Stop The Debt Collector Of The Dead
James W. Martin

The NY Times reported (You’re Dead? That Won’t Stop the Debt Collector) on 3/3/09 how a certain debt collector collects from grieving families the debts owed by the deceased even though the family members are not legally obligated to pay. I don’t know about other states, but debt collectors should think twice before calling a…

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