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New Free Ebook — Florida Real Estate Lease Agreements — A Collection of Forms for Lawyers
James W. Martin, P.A.

My NEW FREE ebook “Florida Real Estate Lease Agreements: A Collection of Forms for Lawyers” is now available on my website. It is also available as a free ebook on Apple Books (Mac, iPhone, iPad), Google Books, Google Play Books (Android), Barnes and Noble Nook, and Amazon Kindle and as a $12 paperback on Amazon…

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Florida Landlords Might Get Liens From Tenant Construction
James W. Martin

Florida landlords have for many years been allowed to include a provision in their leases prohibiting construction liens (mechanics liens) for construction ordered by their tenants. This is not always fair to the contractors who do the work and don’t get paid, especially when the work improves the landlord’s land, so the 2011 Florida Legislature…

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