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New Free Ebooks About Formation of Legal Entities in Florida

James W. Martin, P.A.

My NEW FREE ebook “How To Form a Florida LLC or Limited Liability Company: A Guide for Lawyers” is now available on my website.

It is also available as a paperback on Amazon and Barnes and Noble and as an ebook on Apple Books, Google Books, Google Play Books, Barnes and Noble Nook, and Amazon Kindle.

This is my third free ebook. My first free ebook “How To Form a Florida Business Corporation” and my second free ebook “How To Form a Florida Nonprofit Corporation” were published last month.

There are 2,000,000 limited liability companies in Florida, and 1,000,000 business and nonprofit corporations. 

I have seen many limited liability companies, business corporations, and nonprofit corporations improperly formed and maintained. Some failed to issue stock or memberships; others failed to file annual reports and keep minutes of meetings; and others failed to maintain corporate records. 

Failure to comply with the basics of Florida entity law has resulted in real estate title problems, litigation, and potential personal liability. 

Each of these free ebooks provides lawyers with a step-by-step process with forms and checklists for forming and maintaining Florida legal entities to avoid these real estate title problems.

These free ebooks are primarily directed to lawyers and their staffs because legal entities are created under Florida Statutes so having a law degree really should be a prerequisite to forming and maintaining legal entities. 

However, I realize that we live in an age where nonlawyers freely access these materials on the Internet, so I have written these books in plain language that does not require a law degree to understand. But, my message for nonlawyers reading these books is to be sure to engage a Florida-licensed lawyer on your behalf to review any document before it is signed or filed.

Please contact St. Petersburg attorney James W. Martin if you have any questions, comments, or corrections.

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