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To Form A Florida Nonprofit Corporation Takes More Than What’s Online

James W. Martin

It looks easy to form a nonprofit corporation in Florida: just go to www.sunbiz.org, select online filing of a Florida nonprofit corporation, pay the filing fee by credit card, and BAM! you’ve got your Florida nonprofit corporation. But a Florida nonprofit lawyer will tell you that you are missing some things.

The online filing of a Florida nonprofit corporation is just the beginning. It’s the equivalent of filing articles of incorporation with the Florida Secretary of State for a nonprofit corporation. But, it’s missing the nonprofit clauses the articles need for IRS tax exemption. It’s missing the bylaws. It’s missing the minutes of organizational meeting. It’s missing the search for confusingly similar trademarks. It’s missing the legal and tax advice that are critical to successfully forming a nonprofit corporation in Florida.

This applies to business corporations, as well. Whether it’s a Florida nonprofit corporation or a Florida corporation of any other type, just filing online is not enough to fully and effectual perform the actions needed for a new entity. So, consult your Florida corporations lawyer for further information.

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