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St. Petersburg Florida Is The Cultural Epicenter Of Florida

James W. Martin

The New Yorker’s “Ponzi State” article quotes a sour Times Doug Bennett reporter as saying, “This is the epicenter of everything that’s bad in America.” Whoa there, Doug. Speak for yourself, please. I can think of a lot of bad places to be nominated as epicenters in America, and Florida would not even make the list. Florida has the best climate in America, the most coastline in America (except for Alaska), the most things to do in America, the most progressive problem solvers in America, …I could go on. But let us concentrate on things to do. Things to do, ACTIVITY, is the defining element of Florida culture. Today in St. Petersburg on the last day of February the sun is shining, it is 76 degrees, and there is no snow, ice or water on the ground. We are a peninsula with the water and beaches of Tampa Bay on one side and the water and beaches of the Gulf of Mexico on the other. From downtown St. Petersburg I can be at Fort DeSoto, voted best beach in America, in 20 minutes. In 5 minutes I can be touring the Dali Museum, the only Michelin 3 star museum in the American South. In 20 minutes I can be at Tampa International Airport to pick up more of the droves of family and friends who descend on St. Petersburg and the Tampa Bay area to enjoy this, the cultural epicenter of Florida.
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