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Florida LLCs, Corporations, Partnerships, and Nonprofits

A Pinellas County Florida resident might own an LLC or a corporation or partnership to operate a business or might want to form a nonprofit corporation. St. Petersburg, Pinellas County, Florida attorney James W. Martin has extensive knowledge and experience in business, LLC and corporate law in Florida. He has written books and articles on these practice areas, and he is also Board Certified in Real Estate Law by The Florida Bar.


Florida recognizes multiple forms of business entities. The most common is an LLC, which stands for limited liability company. Today there are almost two million LLCs registered in Florida. The second most common entity is a corporation, and today there are about one million corporations registered in Florida.

LLCs and corporations are formed by filing articles with the Florida Division of Corporations. The state allows this to be done online, but the forms provided by the state do not include all of the forms that an LLC or corporation should have. For example, the state does not provide an operating agreement for an LLC or the bylaws and stock certificates for a corporation. So, forming an LLC or corporation in Florida is best left to attorneys rather than doing it yourself.

Jim Martin has written seven volumes of legal forms on Florida business entities and nonprofit organizations, including these books available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Apple, and Google:


Most business relationships include contracts. They might be called customer agreements, order forms, employment agreements, independent contractor agreements, license agreements, buy-sell agreements, etc. All of them are contracts and are governed by contract law. Attorneys provide legal advice regarding contracts, as well as drafting contracts. St. Pete business lawyer Jim Martin has taught contract drafting for over ten years at Stetson University College of Law as an Adjunct Professor of Law, and he has written several volumes of contract forms books for lawyers.

Florida Business Law FAQ

The underlying legal concepts in Florida legal entity law for corporations, limited liability companies (LLCs), partnerships, and nonprofit corporations can make it difficult to understand the documents and terminology. So, St. Petersburg Pinellas County Florida business attorney Jim Martin has written Florida Business Law FAQ that provides frequently asked questions and answers to explain concepts and words used in Florida LLC, corporation, and nonprofit corporation law.

Articles on Business Entities and Contract Drafting

Jim has also written articles published by the American Law Institute and The Florida Bar regarding business entities and contract drafting, which are available as downloads on the Attorney Profile page for James W. Martin.

Florida Lawyer Jim Martin Blog Entries Regarding Business, Corporation, and LLC Law

The Florida Lawyer Jim Martin Blog has many tips and comments regarding Florida business law and Florida legal entities. They are found under the topic Business, and can be further refined by clicking on a Tag. All blog entries can be seen in the Archives.

Business Client Questionnaires

The Questionnaires page includes the Business Questionnaire for clients to complete and send to Jim Martin with information.


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