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What Are Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws?

James W. Martin

Articles of Incorporation is the title of the legal document that is filed with the Florida Division of Corporations to form a new Florida corporation. Articles of amendment are filed to amend the articles of incorporation. The articles of incorporation state such matters as the corporation’s name, address and other matters. The articles of incorporation prepared by Pinellas County business attorneys usually contain more legal clauses than the very simple articles provided for online filing by the Secretary of State, such as names and addresses of officers and directors so that these names appear on the state database when banks and others dealing with the corporation look it up online.

Bylaws is the title of the legal document that contains the rules by which the shareholders, directors, and officers of a corporation will operate. Bylaws are not provided by the Florida Division of Corporations when a corporation is formed. Pinellas County business attorneys prepare bylaws of Florida corporations.

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